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Древние культуры Северного Китая, Монголии и Байкальской Сибири. [Том] II. Пекин: 2015. Н.А. Сутягина

Лаковые изделия из погребений
могильника Бугры в Алтайском крае.

// Древние культуры Северного Китая, Монголии и Байкальской Сибири. [Том] II. Пекин: 2015. С. 619-628, вкл.







N.A. Sutiagina

The State Hermitage Museum (Russia)


During the 2007-2014 the South-Siberian Archaeological Expedition of the State Hermitage


Museum (K.V. Chugunov) investigated barrow 1 of Bugri cemetery in Altai Krai. Fragments of Chinese lacquered were found in barrow 1, tomb 1, 2 and 3. Some pieces of lacquer are known in barrow 4 excavated by Altai University Expedition (A.A. Tishkin). The researches into the problems of the chronology, attribution and techniques items are in focus.


According to the ornaments of lacquer pieces we can formulate some ideas about the shape and date. Supposed that one lacquer cup and box were in central tomb of barrow 1 and one cup in tomb 3. Decoration of the original lacquer artifacts from Hubei province, Chine is much similar to the find from Altai. The similar cups are known in Shuihudi cemetery, Yunmeng County, Hubei province. The inscribed bamboo slips informed us the date - 219-217 ВС. So we can suppose it is the earliest time for constructing in Bugri cemetery.





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